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St. Bernard's RC Primary & Nursery School

St. Bernard's RC Primary & Nursery School

A Voluntary Academy



 At St Bernard's we are proud that our work with Action Transport Theatre has led to a project m

any schools across the region are now benefiting from.


Our Vision

We aim to create hope for our children, in a world that has many challenges.

Our children will develop a greater understanding of the world and where those who have been displaced from their homes come from. Children will gain secure geographical knowledge in the context of a human experience and explore the concept of ‘Home’

Through the experiences and learning we provide, children will be able to form their own views of the world based on fact and understand why prejudices may occur. Where appropriate they will be able to question things they may read, see or hear in the media. They will be able to engage in conversations with their families, helping to pivot perceptions and break down stereotypes.

Our children will be empowered to turn their empathy into action and believe that they can make a difference in the world.

Whole School Text.

These our the driver texts for each year group.