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St. Bernard's RC Primary

St. Bernard's RC Primary

A Voluntary Academy


Every second matters in school to ensure our children reach their potential. Our attendance system ensures that no children are disadvantaged by poor attendance and punctuality and through our positive partnerships, we endeavour to achieve excellent attendance for all.

How do we share attendance expectations?

All parents and children are reminded of attendance expectations and systems around attendance & punctuality through:

  • Welcome pack
  • New Starter's Meetings
  • Newsletter
  • Assembly 
  • Website

Parents are expected to phone and let school know if their child is absent and the reason why.

rewarding attendance and punctuality 

  • Attendance trophy
  • Family rewards
  • End of year award for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 

monitoring attendance

Mrs Pulford monitors attendance daily.

Text messages are sent to parent/carers if their child is absent.

If attendance and punctuality is not meeting expectations parents will be offered support in improving this before a formal meeting is planned.

If attendance and punctuality fail to improve the Education Welfare Officer will be contacted.